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ABOUT We create more than learning opportunities. We educate and improve lives.


Our StoryWe specialize in innovative, customized training solutions for companies across Canada.

In 2007, Harper Learning was founded because one person asked, “How can I make a difference?” Since that day, we’ve grown from a one-woman company to a flexible workforce of creative designers, writers, educators, collaborators, and facilitators driven to create modern educational experiences that matter.

We’re spread across Canada, but we’re united by our love of learning. Everyone at Harper Learning is driven by the possibility that anything can happen—if you have a clear vision, are creative, and act boldly. Together, we look to the future, not only to make a difference, but to think ahead and discover how we can positively impact and help businesses achieve their goals.

Our Founder A leader in innovative education, Cara Johns.

Cara holds a Master of Educational Technology degree, as well as a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree focusing in psychology and English. With her love of learning, she’s enthusiastic about delving into new information and achieving new designations. She’s earned certificates in adult education, eLearning course design, individual and leadership coaching, and project management. More recently, Cara focused her attention on creating strategies to align corporate and HR direction with learning and development initiatives within organizations. Through doing so, she achieved a Management Certificate in Strategic Human Resources Management from Royal Roads University.

Continual learning, an integral part of who Cara is, shines out through her leadership. She surrounds herself with a team of innovators who love exploring new learning tools and trying new strategies. Cara’s drive to guide and inspire everyone around her pushes Harper Learning to meet ambitious goals and create extraordinary work.

Our Team A multi-faceted team of designers, writers, educators, collaborators, and innovators.

We believe teamwork is the foundation of better, more efficient companies. It’s the starting point of great ideas; it’s what sparks change and alters directions. One mind is powerful, but a whole team of creatives? Well, that’s something else entirely. There is no single approach we take or one voice that is louder than the rest. Functional change and business improvement require people of different minds, which is why we’ve gathered a team of analysts, dreamers, facilitators, conductors, and creatives.

We’re connected by the belief that we can help companies improve. We uncover the “how” so you can move forward and grow, and together, we make businesses better. Knowing that we help any company make things happen is a kind of magic that gets us out of bed every morning, excited about how we’re going to make a difference.

Harper Learning far exceeded our expectations in terms of maintaining cultural sensitivity and adequately addressing sensitive topics. Cara respectfully guides and inspires everyone around her to meet ambitious goals, while producing extraordinary work.

Nicole Diakite, Executive Director | Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society (NDMS)