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CASE STUDIESRecognizing an LMS Opportunity for Iqaluit Airport


Harper Learning brought organization and convenience to Nunavut Airport Services Limited’s training programs through a learning management system (LMS).


Nunavut Airport Services Limited (NASL) approached Harper Learning to learn more about the Assisting Guests with Disabilities brandable training program we developed for airports across Canada. NASL needed to meet the new Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATPDR). They also required an efficient way to share this new training with their staff.

Once we began working with them, we recognized their need for a Learning Management System (LMS) and began brainstorming a solution that would meet their current and future needs.

Cara worked closely with our IT consultant to confirm the solution Harper Learning offered fit our needs. She spent time making sure she understood our technical and learning requirements. Then, she did a thorough review of various LMS platforms that could meet our requirements. Harper Learning provided a comprehensive report outlining the requirements, research and findings that Cara presented to our team. It was easy to work with her and we now have an LMS in place that we are very happy with.

Pierre Payette, Service Director – Iqaluit Airport, Nunavut Airport Services Ltd. (NASL)

Challenge: A Cost-Effective LMS That Will Grow With NASL

As a small airport, NASL had limited online training. Their existing system required an admin to track all employee training and results manually on a spreadsheet. It was immediately apparent that an LMS would automate many of NASL’s processes and grow their training offerings.

They needed a cost-effective solution that would meet their current need (to house the new course) and for the future, when they added additional training and functionality to their system. It was time to dive in and do the research.

Process: Finding the Best Learning Management System

Fortunately, we excel at finding solutions that meet our clients needs. We have extensive experience working with clients to identify their short- and long-term learning and development goals, their requirements for a tracking and reporting system, and how their LMS’s functionality can go beyond the basic process of issuing a course to employees and tracking their completion.

To select the perfect LMS for NASL’s needs, we:

  • Identified their requirements for an LMS, including an analysis of current and future learning needs (to ensure the system would work in the future)
  • Researched options that met their requirements and optional requests
  • Watched for additional functionality that could benefit NASL in the future based on their learning and development vision
  • Wrote a comprehensive report detailing the LMS top contenders and each LMS platform’s scores
  • Presented our findings and helped NASL make their final decision
  • Worked with NASL and the LMS vendor to implement the solution
  • Provided LMS training to the NASL team and trainer/administrator
Person on a laptop setting up a learning management system (LMS) with graphic icons superimposed over top.


Within weeks, NASL went from having no ability to offer online training to offering an established, ATPDR-approved course with an LMS platform that they are now able to use to offer more training to their employees and tenants. For the course that started this whole process, we developed an in-depth online program and companion video to teach employees how to assist customers with disabilities from the curbside to the counter at the airport.

NASL is currently moving forward with other training initiatives that will enhance the skills and performance of their employees and tenants.

Being responsible for NASL’s systems and technology, I was involved in all requirements gathering calls, the solution presentation, and throughout the implementation support Harper Learning provided. Harper Learning’s process was clear, and everything went smoothly. Cara asked the right questions and provided us with a comprehensive report that made it easy for me to confirm the proposed LMS solution aligns with NASL’s IT direction.

Jaban David, Information Technology Consultant for NASL, Nunageek Solutions