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ServicesSolution-based programs that focus on your needs and development.

What we can do for you

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Our multi-disciplinary team of experts provide a wide range of learning and development services.


Working alongside your team, we conduct a needs analysis, evaluating your corporate training plans, employee development programs, and any current individual courses in place. By assessing each piece, we’re able to understand the whole and see where the gaps are. It’s how we identify opportunities and align your corporate goals and job competencies. By taking the time to truly understand your business, we achieve the most creative, impactful outcomes.

Key Aspects

  • Needs Analysis
  • Corporate Training Strategy Evaluation
  • Employee Development Evaluation
  • Current Course Evaluation
  • Opportunity Identification


Everything begins and ends with people. We focus on the learners: who they are, what they know, what knowledge gaps exist, how they learn best, and how they’ll employ the course material on the job. At the heart of every course we design is performance improvement. We uncover the gaps—not to find holes, but to fill them.


We’ve all heard the adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” We bring this philosophy to every course we develop. We create specific and time-sensitive learning plans that detail what courses and programs each employee needs to complete and when.


There’s something exciting about creating new course material. It’s more than the beginning of change—it’s an opportunity to facilitate personal and corporate development and spark engagement. It’s the start of a new direction for a business. It’s bringing ideas to life—creating real learning and engagement for your employees that will keep them engaged because it’s specific to them. Our course developers and interactivity specialists call this the fun part (it really is), and it’s where our team’s way of doing things differently really shines.


Data-driven models are successful models. You need to be able to run reports on employee progress and easily obtain the information you’re looking for at any given time. To achieve this, we create a home for your online courses and work with you to identify your LMS needs and functionality requirements. We’re also here to assist you with implementation and program launch.


If the course or program we develop is going to be facilitated by a trainer, we offer Train-the-Trainer sessions. Delivery and information retention go hand in hand, and in order for the material to stick, we advise your trainers on the best way to deliver the course or program material. Our presentation experts will run through the entire session with your trainers and provide guidance, so when the material is presented, your employees will be engaged and retain the information they’ve learned.


Success is not an individual event—it’s a series of actions. We don’t deliver a program to you and call it a success because it is complete. We want to know if it drives your business forward. To determine whether or not the program we’re delivering is effective, we conduct several evaluations: before launch, during implementation, and once the course is active. The most important thing to discover is if the course is getting results, and in the unlikely event it’s not, it’s our job to make it right.

Our ProcessWe use a five-phase approach to building effective learning solutions.

1Planning + Analysis

We start with the end in mind and work from your intended outcome to determine the best solution for your project. This is a collaborative process involving key contributors in your company with knowledge about the learners, the subject matter, and the implementation plan. This includes looking at business goals, as well as assessing learner and performance needs.

The outcome of this stage is a clear, scalable plan. The specifics of the deliverable will be dependent on the size and scope of your project, as well as your current and future needs.


This is where we solidify the solution and bring it to life. It’s where all the information we’ve collected is evaluated and transformed from data into a learning program. We collaborate and identify what multimedia, interactivity, and engagement activities to include to enhance learning. We determine the best delivery—whether online, in-class, virtual, or blended.


This is where the project really comes to life. The design has been imagined and set, but it’s during development that creation occurs. All learning elements scoped for the project—including online elements, instructor resources, workbooks, multimedia, and other resources—are solidified and incorporated into course material. This is an interactive process, with a draft review cycle before recording final components such as audio narration, animations, and video. Where required, we include additional subject matter expert review and user testing for new functionality at this stage. We want to get it right, and that means a little extra time and review.

At the end of development, the result is a near-final product. How can something be near-final? It still needs another round of testing. Nothing is final until we’re confident that what we deliver is what your business needs.


Once the course or program has been signed off on, we don’t disappear. From assisting with implementation and creating accompanying marketing materials, to working with LMS administrators and facilitating a Train-the-Trainer walk-through, we’re here to support you and ensure the launch of your new program is a success.


Evaluation is an essential part of our process. We’re here to solve problems, and once a course or program has been launched, we want to make sure the solution we’ve created not only meets your needs, but solves the problems you were facing when our engagement began.

I applaud Cara on being a phenomenal instructional designer for both classroom-based and eLearning programs. She and her team have a real knack for designing creative educational solutions that astounded me several times over. 

Jalene Lumb, (former) North American Director, Project & Program Management | Global Knowledge